Why does my Makita battery not charging?

Why does my Makita battery not charging?

Your Battery might not be working because of the faulty memory chip Inside of every Makita 18v battery is a memory chip or control board. If a chip in the battery is saying it’s overheated or has a damaged cell then the charger will deem the battery unsafe.

What do the lights mean on a Makita charger?

Flashing Green Light – Ready to charge. Solid red light – Charging (Battery is below 80% charge) Solid red and green light – Charging (Battery is above 80% charge) Solid green light – Charging complete. Flashing red light – Delay in charging (Battery is cooling or the battery is too cold to charge)

Can you get Makita batteries repaired?

Makita has built a reputation for our outstanding Service Care, which supports regular repair and part replacement. We will fix and service any Makita tool or accessory, even those models that may now be discontinued or obsolete.

How do you fix a lithium-ion battery that won’t charge?

If your battery can’t hold its charge anymore and drains extremely fast, you might be able to save it by doing a full recharge. You’ll need to completely drain the battery for this to work, so once it reaches zero percent, keep turning it back on until it doesn’t even have enough power to boot.

How long do Makita 18V batteries last?

Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ridgid all warranty their Lithium-ion batteries for 3 years. Of course, if you take care of your batteries, there’s no reason not to expect them to last longer.

Can you leave Makita batteries on the charger?

Q: Can Makita Lithium-Ion batteries “over charge”? A: No, Makita chargers are designed so that they will not overcharge a Lithium-Ion battery.

What does red and green light mean on Makita charger?

The charging light will change from green to red, indicating the battery is charging. If the charging lights blink red then green, the battery cartridge can not be charged. This means the battery is likely damaged or worn out.

What batteries will the Makita DC18RA charge?

The DC18RA charges a BL1850B 18v LXT 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery in approximately 45 minutes.

How do I charge the Makita dc18ra battery?

Put your battery in the Makita DC18RA charger. Turn on the charger. Check if the green and red lights on the Makita charger are flashing. If they are, your charger is trying to charge the battery, but the battery can’t take the charge so the battery needs replacing.

What should I do if my Makita Charger won’t charge my batteries?

If you find that you’re charger won’t charge your batteries you need to determine if it’s the charger or the battery. Unfortunately, Makita DC18RA chargers don’t contain user-serviceable parts, but you can try some troubleshooting steps before returning the charger to the store, as you may be able to get it charging again.

How does the Makita smart charger work?

It has a 30 minute fast charge, Built-in advanced CPU collects data from battery’s memory chip to determine the optimum charging method and an on-board forced air cooling system cools the battery to maximize the life during charging Fast Multi-Voltage charger – charges Makita 7.2V-18V slide style Li-Ion/Ni-MH batteries Rapid optimum charging system

What do the lights on my Makita Charger mean?

Makita charger lights mean Status Description Green flashing Unit is plugged in and ready Red flashing Battery is too warm. Cooling it before c Red solid Battery is charging. Battery is less tha Red and Green solid Battery is charging. Battery is more tha