Why was The Glee Project Cancelled?

Why was The Glee Project Cancelled?

Monteith was one of the original Glee stars who served as a mentor on The Glee Project. Despite a strong desire internally to bring the reality competition series back, the late renewal for Fox’s Glee made it too late to turn around a third season of the unscripted vehicle.

Who joined Glee from The Glee Project?


Contender Age Result
Samuel Larsen 19 Winner
Damian McGinty, Jr. 18 Winner
Lindsay Pearce 19 Runner-up
Alex Newell 18 Runner-up

Who was the Irish guy on Glee?

Damian McGintyGlee
Rory Flanagan/Played by

Who is the guy with dreads on Glee?

Samuel Larsen is a new man! The 21-year-old Glee actor cut off his signature dreadlocks on Thursday, May 23. Larsen, who earned a recurring role as Joe Hart on the Fox musical series after being a co-winner of The Glee Project in 2011, documented his haircut in a photo shoot with photographer Chelsea Lauren.

What happened to Cameron Mitchell Glee?

Mitchell departed The Glee Project after the show’s seventh episode, titled “Sexuality”, after struggling with his own religious beliefs and the titular theme. In addition to struggling with the sexual themes of the show, Mitchell also cited his lack of acting experience as part of his decision to leave.

Is Glee Season 7 coming out?

The sudden death of Cory Monteith, who plays Finn, the school’s quarterback and glee club member played a part in Glee not pushing forward with season 7. After the season 5, episode 3 tribute episode titled “The Quarterback” aired, Murphy revealed that the show’s upcoming year would be its last.

What happened to sugar in Glee?

Sugar made her first appearance during the first episode of season three, and it was all downhill from there. Needless to say, Sugar’s role on the show never increased after season three and she was quietly phased out before the end of the series.

Why does Rory leave Glee?

Rory Flanagan is a recurring fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. McGinty was invited back for the series finale, but could not take part due to scheduling commitments with the world tour for Irish singing group Celtic Thunder.

What happened to sugar and Rory on Glee?

During this time, Rory had a relationship with Sugar Motta. At the end of Season three, he departed the United States and went back home to Ireland. His last appearance was in Glee, Actually, the tenth episode of Season Four, where he reappeared in Artie’s dream.

What happened to sugar in glee?

What happened to the kid with dreads on Glee?

After filming Glee season 4, Larsen cut his signature dreadlocks which was indicative that he’s not set to return in season 5. This turned out to be the case as Joe didn’t return to McKinley High until season 6, episode 10 titled “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester” when he’s supposedly already an alumnus.

Are Damian McGinty and Cameron still friends?

The Damian-Cameron Relationship is the friendly and sometimes romantic pairing of Damian McGinty Jr. and Cameron Mitchell. They are often referred to as Dameron or McMitchell….

Damian-Cameron Relationship
Nickname Dameron McMitchell
Status Best Friends