Do I need a narrow wide chainring?

Do I need a narrow wide chainring?

A narrow-wide ring is only necessary if you have a single chainring at the front and a rear derailleur. They won’t work at all if you have more than one chainring at the front, since you won’t be able to change gear.

Do you need a narrow wide chainring for 1x?

9, 10, 11, 12-speed chains have good flexibility on the cross-chain positions which is considered the normal chain position on a 1x setup. For a good performance and smooth pedaling and shifting, narrow-wide chainring is more recommended with narrow chains (9 and above).

Are Shimano chainrings narrow wide?

Shimano’s new XTR chainring doesn’t have a narrow/wide tooth profile like that used by SRAM and Race Face, and the teeth aren’t wavey like MRP’s patent swerving design either. Instead, the lead edge of each tooth on the Shimano XTR chainring hooks forward, ever so slightly, to hold the chain in place.

Are narrow wide chainrings speed specific?

The inner width of a 9/10/11/12 speed chain is the same, so a 10 speed narrow/wide chainring should work just fine.

Will an 8 speed chain work on a narrow wide chainring?

Yes it works fine. I’m running a 32t Raceface narrow/wide with an 8 spd chain on my converted single speed and i’ve had no problems at all.

Do all chains fit all chainrings?

Chain width is about 6.7 mm. Front chainrings are less sensitive to the thickness of chain used. Otherwise, all the 9 speed chains will work well, regardless of the manufacturer: Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano.

Can you use narrow wide chainring for 2x?

No – the point of n/w is to hold the chain onto the chainring so it won’t jump off*. To be able to shift on a double (or triple) you need it to be able to release from the ring as the derailleur moves across.

How do you know if a chainring is compatible?

One of the easiest ways to determine which chainring is going to be compatible with your crank is to simply type in your brand, type, groupset, and type, added with “chainring”, and possible the amount of teeth you want. You can find the type of the crank located at the back of it.

Can you use any chainring?

Any chainring that has the same bolt circle diameter (BCD) and the same number of bolts as your crank is compatible with your crank.

Can you shift with a narrow wide chainring?

You’d need a way to make sure the chain meshes with the correct alternating tooth. If the narrow link goes onto the wide tooth, it’s probably not going to work. One thing you could do is get rid of your front derailleur but leave the granny ring on and manually shift the chain as needed.

What does a narrow wide chainring do?

The sole purpose of the narrow wide chainring is chain retention. The narrow wide tooth pattern keeps the chain from moving left to right and eventually popping off the chainring while riding. No one likes to drop their chain on the trail, especially in a race scenario where every second counts!

What is a narrow wide chainring?

What Is A Narrow Wide Chainring? The term “narrow wide” chainring describes the shape and profile of the individual teeth driving the chain. Each tooth alternates thickness, narrow wide narrow wide, all the way around the ring.

What are SRAM X-sync 2 chainrings?

The Sram X-Sync 2 chainrings are Sram’s 2nd generation narrow wide chainrings that were introduced in conjunction with the Sram Eagle 12 speed drivetrain. X-Sync 2 features a much more aggressive tooth profile and overall design. The goal is one thing; ultimate chain retention and long wear life.

What size chainring for next R cranks?

The Cinch narrow wide chainring is a perfect match to the new Race Face Next R cranks! Available in plenty of tooth sizes in either the Race Face Cinch direct mount system, the Sram 3 bolt direct mount system, a 104mm BCD, a 110mm BCD, and a 130mm BCD.

What is a Drop Stop chainring?

The Drop Stop chainrings were the first product Wolf Tooth ever released and now stands as one of the best narrow wide chainrings on the market. Wolf Tooth makes a Drop Stop chainring for just about every standard out there. Wolf Tooth’s narrow wide tooth profile is designed for maximum chain retention and mud clearing ability .