Does autofocus work with Metabones?

Does autofocus work with Metabones?

Metabones® has already added fast EF lens autofocus to its Micro Four Thirds Mount Speed Boosters® and Smart Adapters™ last year. The latest Canon and Tamron SP lenses have special support for this feature and Metabones® makes use of it if the lens supports it.

Does Metabones adapter change focal length?

This type of adapter effectively increases the focal length of the lens, and reduce its maximum aperture, just as any teleconverter does. Yes, the speed booster does change the actual focal length and speed.

What is Metabones?

A few days ago I learned about the Metabones Speed Booster. For both of you who haven’t heard yet, this is an adapter containing optical elements and electronic controls that allows you to mount Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX cameras (other versions are planned for other lenses and cameras).

How do I download Metabones app?

Download Metabones App from It can be found on the Support/Download page or any Smart Adapter or Speed Booster product page. The same Metabones App updates all Metabones products.

Where are Metabones made?

Metabones has its engineering in Vancouver, Canada and its headquarters in Hong Kong, with its own production facilities in China. As the leading mount adapter specialist, Metabones is known for its unique designs, workmanship and reliability.

What does a MFT Speedbooster do?

Speed Booster® physically reduces focal length and increases maximum aperture (smaller f-number) of the lens. The “35mm equivalent focal length” is not a focal length at all, but a measure of field of view (FoV).

How do I reset Metabones?

Changing the Default Mode Permanently

  1. With no lens attached, turn on camera body.
  2. While holding down the WO/CF button on the adapter, attach lens.
  3. Without ever releasing the WO/CF button, switch off the camera’s power.
  4. Repeat to restore the default mode to Advanced mode again.

How do I check Metabones version?

Checking Firmware Version of Smart Adapter Press the ‘MENU’ button and choose the last tab on newer cameras or the ‘Setup’ icon on older cameras. Find the ‘Version’ function in the list.

Does a speed booster change DOF?

How does Speed Booster® affect the depth-of-field? The short answer is Speed Booster® on an APS-C sensor gives essentially the same depth-of-field effect as if a full-frame camera body were used.

How do you find the focal length of a Speedbooster?

Regarding the question in your post, the focal length of a lens when used with a Speed Booster is calculated like so:

  1. Lens Focal length: 35mm.
  2. Speed Booster Focal reduction factor: 0.71.
  3. Calculation: [Lens Focal length] x [Focal Reduction Factor]
  4. Final Focal Length: 35 x 0.71 = 24.85mm.

Does a Speedbooster change focal length?

A Speedbooster changes the lens’ focal length to make use of its full image circle by compressing it onto your smaller format sensor. It gives you a wider field of view when using the same lens and sensor.