How much is a forage harvester?

How much is a forage harvester?

1. A pull-type forage harvester with a 3-row, 30-inch head for harvesting corn. This unit’s list price is $42,000, the hay pickup’s list price is $8,800, and the corn head’s list price is $18,000.

What’s the difference between a forage harvester and a harvester?

Unlike normal Harvesters, a Forage Harvester does not have an internal holding tank – It does not accumulate the material it cuts from the field. Instead, it must immediately dump the material into a Tipper or other container, while working.

What is the biggest forage harvester?

Big X 1000
Krone has introduced what its claims to be the world’s biggest forage harvester. The self-propelled Big X 1000 is fitted with two V6 Daimler-Chrysler engines delivering a maximum of 980hp.

What does a forage harvester cut?

A forage harvester – also known as a silage harvester, forager or chopper – is a farm implement that harvests forage plants to make silage. Silage is grass, corn or hay, which has been chopped into small pieces, and compacted together in a storage silo, silage bunker, or in silage bags.

Is silage fermented?

Silage undergoes anaerobic fermentation, which starts about 48 hours after the silo is filled, and converts sugars to acids. Fermentation is essentially complete after about two weeks. Before anaerobic fermentation starts, there is an aerobic phase in which the trapped oxygen is consumed.

Where are John Deere choppers made?

The John Deere XStream KP is the heavy-duty solution made for high throughput and high-horsepower machines and stands for extreme processing at any length of cut in any crop and any conditions. The XStream KP rolls are manufactured and delivered by Scherer Inc., located in South Dakota, United States.

Which trailer attach to forage harvester fs19?

forage harvesting is best done with tippable trailers like the randon trailer.

Where are New Holland forage harvester made?

The flagship CR models are built in Zedelgem, Belgium, home to New Holland’s global Centre of Harvesting Excellence.

Can you harvest corn with a forage harvester?

Introduction. Harvesting corn snaplage is a viable alternative to rolled high moisture shelled corn (RHMC). Snaplage generally contains the ear (cob and grain), husk, and shank and is harvested using a self-propelled forage harvester equipped with a snapper head and an on-board kernel processor (Picture 1 & 2).

How long can you keep silage?

Storage life will depend on the type of plastic used. Stretchwrap plastic will give a storage life of 12 months, while plastic sheet can last for 2-3 years. Unwrapped round and square bales can be stored in pits or hillside bunkers and covered with plastic sheeting.

Is corn a silage?

Corn silage is a high-quality forage crop that is used on many dairy farms and on some beef cattle farms in Tennessee. Corn for silage fits ideally into no-till and double-cropping programs. The object of silage making is to preserve the harvested crop by anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation.

What is the best silage harvester for cattle?

The DS 540 is rated amongst the best in the world. This implement harvests grass, lucerne, beet tops etc, which is suitable for making silage, directly from the land. With the Double Chop action one gets high quality silage.

What is a single Chop forage harvester?

These Single Chop Forage Harvesters are excellent machines for harvesting grass, lucerne and beet tops.They are also suitable for making silage. The material that is harvested is blown directly onto the trailer.For further info or details please whatsup or contact us:Daniel: 064 509 3633Petro: 064 559 0385

What is a 1600 at precision forage harvester?

JF’s 1600 AT Precision Forage Harvester is the greatest innovation for the forage market worldwide. The front head was developed for harvesting all types of forage, planted in rows or not. The innovative mounting frame is articulable type, which allows harvesting in uneven fields.