How much money is a snow cone machine?

How much money is a snow cone machine?

You can find shaved ice and snow cone machines to fit practically any budget, but in general you will be spending between $20 to $300 for a small countertop machine for home. Commercial grade snow cone and shaved ice machines on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $300 to over $2,000 for a high volume machines.

How profitable is a snow cone business?

by Dustin K. “How much money can I make with a Shaved Ice business”? Sales for a typical shaved ice or snow cone business will average around $100 to $2,000 a day but it all hinges on a number of factors including location, competition, length of your season and business history. …

Are snow cone machines worth it?

Snow cone machines are a great way for families to deliver relatively healthy, cool treats to their kids (especially when the syrup levels are kept in check). They are also much easier and faster to use than most ice cream machines, which is a big plus if you’re a busy parent.

How much should I sell snow cones for?

Good Margins: Depending on the location and flavors, you can charge between $2-$5 for a snow cone!

How much does a pelican’s SnoBalls franchise cost?

Pelican’s SnoBalls has a franchise fee of up to $20,000, with a total initial investment range of $61,150 to $195,300.

How much does it cost to start a snowball stand?

Shaved Ice Business Monthly Costs – Ballpark Costs

Shaved Ice One Time Expenses / Startup Costs
Item Monthly Estimated Cost
Shaved Ice Machine $1,000 – $6,000
Signage $2,000 – $25,000
Employee Uniforms $500 – $1000

How much does it cost to build a snow cone stand?

If you plan to use a pop-up tent, you can get started for under $5,000. If you want to purchase a trailer the cost could be between $15,000 – $100,000 depending on how many bells and whistles you want on your vehicle. The Tiki hut or stand cost can also vary greatly, but a typical stand should run you under $10,000.

What is the difference between shaved ice and snow cones?

Whereas shave ice’s trademark characteristic is its finely shaved, snow-like texture, snow cones, ironically, are more like ice. The crushed ice creates a crunchier snack that is traditionally coated in sweet syrups and doesn’t absorb the flavoring like shaved ice.

What kind of ice do you use for a snow cone machine?

What kind of ice do you use in a shaved ice machine? Commercial snow cone stands use solid blocks of ice for their treats, but for a home model, any type of ice cubes will do. You can buy a bag of ice at the grocery store, but shaved ice experts recommend freezing your own.

What is the least expensive franchise to open?

12 best low-cost franchises for aspiring business owners

  1. Cruise Planners. Franchise fee: $10,995.
  2. Fit4Mom. Franchise fee: $5,495 to $10,495.
  3. Chem-Dry. Franchise fee: $23,500.
  4. Jazzercise. Franchise fee: $1,250.
  5. Stratus Building Solutions.
  6. SuperGlass Windshield Repair.
  7. Mosquito Squad.
  8. Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

How much can you make owning a Kona Ice?

On average, Kona Ice franchises draw in $94,868 annually. This, of course, will vary based on your business expertise and commitment to marketing your brand. It must also be considered that your sales will vary based on the season.

Do snowball stands make money?

The Low End. Of course many shaved ice businesses don’t generate anywhere near 6 figures in top line revenue annually. Many people start selling shaved ice as a way to make a little extra money on weekend or during the warmer summer months. In these situations, a business may only generate between $500 – $1,000 total.

What is the best snow cone machine?

Avalanche electric VKP1100 is a best snow cone machine which makes perfect snow cones especially for kids, delicious party drinks, slushes and many other frozen treats. It quickly shaves ice into nice fluffy snow. It is prepared by stainless steel, and its blades can become quickly adjustable.

How much is a snow cone machine?

Snow cones vary widely in price, depending on size. If you’re searching for a no-frills machine you can use in your kitchen, expect to pay between $20 and $250. Inexpensive: Machines in the $20 to $50 range will fit on your countertop. These snow cone machines are on the smaller size and are often kid-friendly.

What are the best snow cone flavors?

These top ten snow cone flavors include banana, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, lemon-lime, pina colada , root beer, strawberry , tiger’s blood and watermelon.

What are the snow cone flavors?


  • Cherry. Rich cherry flavor.
  • Blue Raspberry. Similar to our regular raspberry,but not quite as tart.
  • Grape. Real grape flavor.
  • Tiger’s Blood. Fresh fruity watermelon-strawberry taste with a hint of coconut.
  • Watermelon. Like a fresh watermelon,without the seeds.
  • Strawberry. Like biting into a delicious,ripe strawberry.
  • Pina Colada.
  • Banana.
  • Root Beer.