What did William Dampier discover?

What did William Dampier discover?

Dampier explored the island and surrounding waters and noted Bernier and Dorre islands and the northern tip of Peron Peninsula, which he thought was an island. During this time Dampier’s cook, Mr Goodwin, died and became the first European known to have been buried on Australian soil.

What is William Dampier famous for?

William Dampier, (born August 1651, East Coker, Somerset, Eng. —died March, 1715, London), buccaneer who later explored parts of the coasts of Australia, New Guinea, and New Britain for the British Admiralty. A keen observer of natural phenomena, he was, in some respects, a pioneer in scientific exploration.

Who sent William Dampier?

The publication of the book, A New Voyage Round the World, in 1697 was a popular sensation, creating interest at the Admiralty. In 1699, Dampier was given command of the 26-gun warship HMS Roebuck, with a commission from King William III (who had ruled jointly with Queen Mary II until her death in 1694).

Was William Dampier married?

Judith Dampier
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What did William Dampier do as a pirate?

From Plantation to Pirate Ship Orphaned at an early age, William Dampier whetted his appetite for the sea with several long voyages. He moved from England to Jamaica to help manage a sugar plantation, but that didn’t work out.

What was William Dampier’s job?

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Did Vikings discover Australia?

There is evidence of Viking visits to Australia. They weren’t Norsemen. We call them Explorers in English, not Vikings. Until the British arrived, none of them stayed long enough to establish a settlement, not even the Makassans.

What was William Dampier’s most important voyage?

Voyages of Grand Discovery – About the Exhibition. William Dampier became famous after his epic pirating travels were published in A New Voyage Around the World in 1697. The British Admiralty promised him a ship to examine the uncharted eastern coast of new Holland via the Pacific Ocean round Cape Horn.

Who was William Dampier?

Born in East Coker, Somerset in 1651, William Dampier was well-educated but by the time he was sixteen he was orphaned and keen to see the world, joining a merchant vessel sailing to France, then Newfoundland and at age 18 to the East Indies, followed by experience in naval battles against the Dutch in 1673.

What did William Dampier discover in Australia?

William Dampier was an explorer, naturalist, author, hydrographer and pirate. He was the first Englishman to chart part of the Australian coastline, and the first European to undertake a scientific study of its landscape, seas, plants and animals.

Who was inspired by William Dampier?

On a later voyage he rescued Alexander Selkirk, a former crewmate who may have inspired Daniel Defoe ‘s Robinson Crusoe. Others influenced by Dampier include James Cook, Horatio Nelson, Charles Darwin, and Alfred Russel Wallace . William Dampier was born at Hymerford House in East Coker, Somerset, in 1651.

Where can I find works by William Dampier?

Works by William Dampier at Early Canadiana Online (originals held by the National Library of Canada ).