What is log space in DB2?

What is log space in DB2?

Principle of database recovery is to ensure that you can restore all committed transactions. DB2 uses transactions logs when performing crash recovery and roll forward recovery. In this example log space size is (LOGPRIMARY+LOGSECOND)*LOGFILSIZ 4K pages – (3+2) * 1000 4KB pages or 20,000 KB (roughly 20 MB).

How do I increase transaction log in DB2?

Increasing the transaction logs for a DB2 database

  1. Determine your current database configuration by entering the following command: db2 get db cfg for your_Database_Name.
  2. To increase the size or number of log files, enter the following command:
  3. Restart the database by entering the following commands:

Where are DB2 logs located?

log files will be located in db2 subdirectory of the driver install directory. C:\Program Files\IBM\IBM DATA SERVER DRIVER\db2.

How do you fix a transaction log for a database is full?

Try one of the 4 suggestion below to fix this issue:

  1. Under SQL Server Management Studio set the Maximum File Size under options for Altiris database to Unrestricted File Growth.
  2. Increase the Restricted File Growth (MB) size to a larger value creating space for transaction logs to grow.
  3. Shrink the log files from task.

How do you avoid transaction log in DB2?

If you want to prevent “transaction log full” situation caused by long-time uncommitted transaction, you can specify “num_log_span” database configuration parameter.

What is primary and secondary log in DB2?

Primary log files are set by using the logprimary database configuration parameter. Secondary log files are created on demand when all the primary log files are full and if an application requires more log files. Once all of the log files are created, DB2 views the primary and secondary log files as the same.

How do I run db2diag?


  1. Check with your system administrator to make sure that db2ist1 is listed in the cron.
  2. Login as DB2 instance owner.
  3. Check if there are any existing cron tasks.
  4. Save a copy of the crontab output and append the db2diag -A task entry.
  5. Submit the cron task.
  6. Verify that crontab -l shows your task entry.

Can we delete db2diag log?

Do not delete all of the files in the diagnostic path. These logs are vital to troubleshooting your environment if a problem arises. Use the db2diag logs analysis tool to manage your diagnostic logs.

How do I free up transaction log space?

You might be able to free disk space on the disk drive that contains the transaction log file for the database by deleting or moving other files. The freed disk space allows the recovery system to enlarge the log file automatically.

Is it safe to shrink log file?

It’s safe, but do it at a quiet time when there’s low transactional activity. It’s recommended to shrink the log to its minimal size and then grow it to its normal size (this will ensure the correct number of VLFs (internal virtual log files) are created, which improves performance for logged commands).

What is db2pd command?

The command db2pd -applications -dynamic reports the current and last anchor ID and statement unique ID for dynamic SQL statements. This allows direct mapping from an application to a dynamic SQL statement.

What is transaction log for database is full?

When the transaction log becomes full, SQL Server Database Engine issues a 9002 error. The log can fill when the database is online, or in recovery. If the log fills while the database is online, the database remains online but can only be read, not updated.

How to calculate used log space in db2pd?

However, you can calculate used log space with the db2pd -db DBNAME -dbcfg -logs output. The following represents the calculation of the total available log space. The following represents the calculation of the total used log space.

Is there a ‘first active log file’ for DB2?

DB2: The transaction log for the database is full, But there is no ‘First active log file’ – Database Administrators Stack Exchange First, I wish to say that I have very little experience with DB2. However, I’ve been tasked with tracking down the problem and solution to this problem. This is a DB2 database, and our testers are

Is there a Mon_get_transaction_log table function in DB2?

Unfortunately, the MON_GET_TRANSACTION_LOG table function is not available in releases prior to DB2 Version 10.1. However, you can calculate used log space with the db2pd -db DBNAME -dbcfg -logs output. The following represents the calculation of the total available log space. The following represents the calculation of the total used log space.

How much disk space does a log file take up?

But could easily vary up to nearly 2 GB. If the database is unable to archive log files, it could be even more, of course, and I could easily change LOGSECOND to 200 or more, magnifying the amount of space that could be used.